Hearts – Dan Black (Ft. Kelis) (Louis The Child Remix)

Louis The Child

As we migrate from the city out to the suburbs, our destination is the North Shore of Chicago.  There you’ll find this little gem of a duo known as Louis The Child.  Half producer, half DJ (neither named Louis, oddly enough haha), each member plays a vital role is this groups ascension to EDM stardom.  Making their marvelous music even more impressive, is the fact that each of these guys are still turning in high school homework on a daily basis.  They just so happen to also turn out amazing EDM tracks on the regular, not exactly in every 15 and 16 year-old’s repertoire.

Today we’re featuring their newest release which is an electrifying remix of Dan Black’s “Hearts”.  Filled with funky bass lines that drive this tune forward at full speed, there’s no slowing down once you press that sneaky play button.  Some of you will surely notice that their latest songs sound eerily similar to Kill Paris and if that’s the direction this duo is headed in, then we couldn’t be more excited for the future.  For those of you that just can’t get enough of LTC, we’ve tossed up their remix of Levi Kreis’ “Love Revolution” as well.  Louis The Child is growing up in front of our eyes and watching their sound develop has been a true pleasure.

Hearts – Dan Black (Ft. Kelis) (Louis The Child Remix)

BONUS TRACK: Love Revolution – Levi Kreis (Louis The Child Remix)

- Follow Louis The Child : FACEBOOK / SOUNDCLOUD / TWITTER


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